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So go check out a job some people bought Mannington Adura Max stuff. I asked if they had 6 mil to go over the concrete. Looked at the install guidelines, nothing but test concrete. Lady calls mannington and they say no, not recommended and wont warranty it if there is any problems with the plastic. What friggin problems can 6 mil plastic do to a floor?. In the same breathe thats stated in the guidelines and warranty they won't warranty the floor if there is a moisture issue. Damn near everyone else says to use 6 mil or a special underlayment if not attached cushion. WTF? Also state specs on CaCl and insitu tests limitations. What good does testing do when I know there is no vapor retarder under this slab. Moisture emissions will change if there is no vapor retarder under the slab. Everyone knows that! I believe its just a way out of any possible moisture emission issues so they can lay blame on the installer.
Category: Flooring Post By: ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Renton, WA), 03/03/2019

Here's the installation guideline for a concrete substrate. ? The final responsibility for determining if the concrete is dry enough for installation of the flooring lies with the floor covering installer. Due to environment and indoor quality, AduraMax should not be installed where excessive moisture emissions may exist. In accordance with ASTM1869-04, moisture emission from subfloor should not exceed 8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. per 24 hours as measured with the calcium chloride test. If using ASTM 2170 In Situ Relative Humidity Test, relative humidity should not to exceed 85%. Mannington will not assume responsibility for floor covering failure due to hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor emission. New concrete slabs should be thoroughly dry (at least six weeks) and completely cured. Although AduraMax planks are not susceptible to damage from moisture, excessive subfloor moisture is an ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew and fungus ? all of which can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment. The Limited Warranties do not cover discoloration from mold or flooding, leaking plumbing or appliances, water entering through sliding glass doors or similar conditions.

- ROSS NAVARRO (St. Clair Shores, MI), 05/06/2019

They also state you can go over a full spread non cushioned vinyl, or tile, no need to fill grout joints. OMG what idiots/.

- ESTHER BISHOP (Gilbert, AZ), 04/10/2019

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